‘Move’ Festival – Bring it On!

You already know about Glastonbury, T in the Park, Reading and V, but did you know there's a new festival on the block, which includes David Bowie, New Order, Green Day and Paul Weller on its menu of thrills?

[l-zone1]Many would have you believe that the UK festival market has been sown up by the mega-promotors such as Mean Fiddler (who have their fingers in Glastonbury, Homelands, Reading and Leeds, not to mention their exclusive UK bookings of The Prodigy, The Strokes, Muse, Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses). With this in mind, you would think that attempting to bring an air of sweet scented difference to the muddy weekend campathon by starting up an exciting new event, would be as difficult as climbing over the fence to get into Ibiza.

Just as well then that Virgin Trains know what they’re doing. Not that the Virgin brand isn’t a tad familiar with the concept of a music festival, Virgin Trains’ MOVE is their first event to be held in Manchester, and though there’s no camping, what you get in return is undoubtedly the best and most varied line-up of any outdoor event this year. Bowie, Suede, Green Day, New Order, Paul Weller – sounds almost too good to be true.

[r-zone4]With his first half-decent album in donkey’s years, David Bowie is sure to be tasting a few tracks off of ‘Heathen’ in addition to a few starlit wonders from his cherished back catalogue. His spiritual sons Suede, also have a new album out. With ‘Positivity’ announced exclusively on VF as their comeback single, the band’s first outdoor UK gig since V99 will hopefully be on the same classic scale.

[l-zone5]Fellow old hands New Order, fresh from Finsbury Park acclaim several weeks ago, make a long-awaited return to Manchester alongside King Monkey himself, Mr. Ian Brown, serenading on his home turf. The atmosphere is guaranteed, the quality of his singing, less so.

For those who prefer their bands on the right side of thirty, hotly tipped Electric Soft Parade join fellow newcomers Haven, Rival Schools and Mercury Prize nominees Elbow over the four days, with No Doubt adding a bit of feminine glamour to what is otherwise quite a bloke heavy bill.

[r-zone2]Those wishing to take advantage of Virgin Trains’ incredibly reasonable day returns (which can be purchased online at www.virgintrains.co.uk) will be pleased to know that travel from the site is naturaly very easy, and with the city centre not far away, there’s a whole host of B&Bs and after hours entertainment for those wishing to make a week of it.

Naturally, those wanting the best coverage; sharpest reviews and highest quality photos each evening (none of this waiting until next week rubbish) would be advised to check back here Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Virtual Festivals will be the first music media service anywhere with photos from Move. As we were with Glastonbury, as we will be with every other main event this summer.

[l-zone3]It’s refreshing to see a big brand like Virgin Trains making a positive move to add something new and innovating to the UK music festival scene and we will be on hand to capture the success from the very start. See you in Manchester, or right here!