More News on Glastonbury Tickets

Two tickets per person, per household or per credit card? We're still waiting for the final booking arrangements, but message board chatter is starting to clarify things a little...

There’s debates raging in student houses and family homes across the country as to how best to buy more than two tickets to Glastonbury 2004. Nowhere is the banter more fluid than on the official Glastonbury Festival message boards (powered and maintained by VF of course!).

Over the past few days there have been some heated exchanges as writers have put forward their interpretation of the new rules and the implications this might have, but we know from a source close to the festival that there will be more concrete details forthcoming very soon.

However, a VERY reliable witness has let it be known that in all probability it is likely that there will be a limit of four tickets in any one phone-call, so as long as between four people at the same address you have two means of paying then you’ll be fine.

If you are from household with more than two people going to the festival then we recommend that you check back with us regularly so that you are prepared for G-Day on 1st April when the tickets go on sale at 8pm.