Mogwai – End Of The Road 2011 Review

Mogwai at Coachella 2006 by Sara Bowrey
Mogwai at Coachella 2006 by Sara Bowrey


Glasgow’s post-rock instrumental legends Mogwai rather humbly take to the Wood Stage for their headline set and the excitement in the field is palatable. 

Ready for more Saturday night party songs?” says Stuart Braithwaite, with a hint of irony which has his shoegazing-devotees cheering with joy.

Their brand of experimental rock is as bleak and broody as it is ambitious and uplifting. Tonight is a sonic journey from beautiful subtle intricacies through to ear splitting guitar noises. The woodland behind the stage is lit up plus the great visuals tonight add to the hypnotic euphoria of this wonderful 90 minute set. 

Mogwai have been on the festival circuit all summer following the release of the seventh album earlier this year entitled ‘Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will‘ and will play Bestival 2011 next weekend.

This is a very nice festival,” says Braithwaite, “And I’m being truthful for once. We’ve been playing festivals all summer. Im not gonna slag any bands off – I’m always getting in trouble for that – but we’ve been playing with bands who aren’t as good as the bands we’ve seen here today so I hope you’re all having a good festival.

The tribal state of euphoria on all faces old and young around the field shows the festival has been made that much better by this outstanding headline set. 

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