Michael Eavis – ‘This is the greatest show on earth!’

Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis has promised that this year's festival will be the best ever. He's revealed his top five acts to Virtual Festivals and let it slip about a special guest...

The Worthy Farm owner took time out running around the festival site to have a quick word with VF ahead of the official start to Glastonbury 2005 tomorrow morning.

He promised festival fans their best experience yet, saying: “This one is going to be the best of all. It’s without a shadow of a doubt the greatest show on earth. I had this vision 35 years ago and it’s wonderful to have got to the stage where the festival is so loved by so many people.

“We looked at things after last year and looked at ways to improve it. We invested more money and have made a few changes, including the new dance village which looks amazing.”

Asked what his top five recommendations were for the weekend, Michael answered: “Coldplay of course. They are the best songwriters in the world at the moment and number one  everywhere. And they’re playing here! Then The White Stripes, Van Morrison, Primal Scream, who are an excellent festival band, and Bright Eyes.”

Michael also revealed that Bob Geldof will be making a special appearance by joining him on the Pyramid Stage, just after 4pm on Saturday, as part of a planned show of solidarity for the Make Poverty History campaign. 

The plan is to get everyone on site holding hands. Michael said: “Hopefully me and Bob will gee things up and get everyone to get involved from the stage. He’s doing the chatty bit. We’ve been working with Oxfam for some time and its our way of doing something to Make Poverty History.”