Michael Eavis: Let’s have a lottery!

In the latest twist to the Glasto ticket saga, Michael Eavis looks set to take on VirtualFestival's suggestion that a ticket lottery is the fairest way to distribute tickets to the masses.

In the latest twist to the Glasto ticket saga, it looks like OUR idea for Glasto to utilise a lottery system to distribute tickets could actually become reality. Read the original feature here.

Glastonbury owner and organiser Michael Eavis told NME.com: “I just wonder whether the future is really low tech? Everybody writes in, we put the names in a big tombola and we pick 115,000 letters. We collect them all, put them all in a huge barrel like the lottery and pull out the numbers.

It has been suggested that the ticketing fiasco could have been lessened had they gone sale on a Sunday, when phone exchanges would have been less busy. However, in reality, this probably would have made little difference as the same number of people would have been disappointed.

There has also been talk of having a year off next year to try and dampen down the hysteria that’s been created over recent weeks. Eavis added: “We’re not really due for the year off yet. I haven’t quite decided but we’re certainly considering that at the moment. I don’t really think that argument is going to win through, but you never know, it might do.”

The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts takes place between 25-27 June at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset. Oasis (Fri), Paul McCartney (Saturday) and Muse (Sunday) will headline. You can visit the official message boards here.