Marriage proposals and dubstep – Glasto’s here then!

Glastonbury edged towards full flow yesterday (Thursday) with dubstep, Mike Artistic and even a flashmob marriage proposal.

Planning a wedding proposal is stressful enough let alone trying to make it one to remember. So why not organize a flashmob via facebook and propose to your girlfriend at Glastonbury?

Sounds a bit risky but that’s the plan one Mark Robinson came up with to propose to his girlfriend Sarah and the word spread quickly. The instructions for this flashmob were to meet at the tower near the Park Stage at 4.45pm, at 5.00pm and air-horn would sound and flashmobbers were to shout: “Sarah, will you marry me?”

With no live music on at the Park Stage on Thursday, the field was sparsely populated until around 500 descended at 4.45pm. At two minutes to 5.00pm the man with the air-horn appeared and announced, “Sorry guys. It’s gonna be about five more minutes. Apparently, she’s had to go for a piss.” Doubts were raised that Sarah would even turn up or if she would even say yes. This could all go from genius plan to worst nightmare within the next few minutes.

Five minutes later Sarah did arrived with Mark, seemingly still with no idea what was happening. The air-horn sounded, in complete unison the huge crowd shouted said instructions, after a brief pause she said yes and the flashmobbers erupted with cheers of: “Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!”  As the crowd dispersed and Sarah gazed at her lovely diamond ring, Mark – looking like he need a lie down from the stress of this plan – said about the ring, “Does it fit?”

They were whisked to the front of the queue of the viewing tower with more cheers from the crowd as they ran to the top to celebrate their engagement alone. Congratulations to the future Mr and Mrs Robinson. What a lovely couple. As Glastonbury celebrates its 40th Anniversary, hopefully you will too 40 years from now.

Festival legend Mike Artistic invoked the first spirit of Glastonbury with an extended set at the Croissant Neuf Bandstand on Thursday.

If you haven’t encountered Mike at the festival then you really haven’t spent enough time in the Green Fields as his passive aggressive punk charm is sure to make everyone laugh.

Looking a little like Goldie and sounding like Les Dawson, Mike Artistic treated the crowd to his sing-a-long autobiographical songs about dipsticks, sporks and his pocket full of straws.

But the Glastonbury spirit was in full swing when a passing Spanish troubadour in a tracksuit accompanied Mike on mariachi trumpet. If you missed Mike then no fear… he’s got about five gigs planned in and around the Green Fields. ??Swing by to hear what Jimmy Saville thought of his album. At the end there’s a whip round to pay for recently departed idiosyncratic influence Frank Sidebottom. Dig deep, these post-punk cabaret legends are getting harder to find.

Later on in the evening, King King may have taken the crown for the first Stevie Wonder cover of the weekend when they launched into ‘I Wish’ in the Bourbon Street Blues And Jazz Bar.

They didn’t quite get the same crowds as Boy George or Beardyman who both had the WOW! Tent packed to the rafters and beyond. Not as many stuck around for Joy Orbison’s witching hour show though as the emerging DJ flung between dubstep and garage. Dropping an INXS remix might condemn him to much smaller followings in the future too.