Marina and the Diamonds vamp up Reading

Marina took to the stage of a pre-packed Festival Republic tent, dressed in all black, and announced, "good evening. How are you tonight? It's an honour to be headlining."

She launched into 'Girls' which stirred the crowd into an early scream as the tent filtered beyond the canvas to an audience of about 15 deep.

The single, 'I Am Not a Robot' was given an early inclusion in the set and by far the largest cheer of the night.  During it's outro, the crowd surged forward into a squeeze; undoubtedly not helped by the rain shower which began to fall on those not lucky enough to make it inside.

'Obsessions' gave the crowd a second wind and a sing-a-long ensued whilst Marina took her seat at the piano as opposed to standing centre stage.

Marina though, made sure that her position in centre stage was not compromised as she changed into a little black dress twinned with a maroon and yellow baseball jacket for her hit 'Hollywood' to huge cheers from the slowly thinning crowd.

Referring to those assembled at the front barrier Marina asked, "are my diamonds okay? We've only got a few songs left." Before launching into the poptastic, 'Are You Satisfied' to mild applause.  

"Thank you for coming, I hope to see you soon," summed up the star before set closer, 'Guilty On The Run' was applauded by those that hadn't already made their way back to their tents.