Macca to headline again…

... this time on an even bigger world stage than Glastonbury. An estimated 140 million people will watch Sir Paul perform at american football's Super Bowl - wonder if he'll flash a boob?

[r-zone1]After Janet Jackson‘s now legendary ‘wardrobe malfunction’, the US National Football League is hoping that Paul McCartney will be able to put on a less controversial half time show for next year’s Super Bowl.

[l-zone2]The sports organisation yesterday announced McCartney will headline the halftime entertainments at next year’s event, which will be seen by an estimated 140 million people in the US alone. Fox TV will screen the sports event this year – CBS having lost favour with the NFL following the Janet Jackson nipplegate routine, which was produced by the network’s sister station MTV.

[r-zone3]Commenting on the booking McCartney told reporters:  “There’s nothing bigger then being asked to perform at the Super Bowl. We’re looking forward to rocking the millions at home and in the stadium.”

Fox Sports chairman David Hill said of McCartney: “He is the world’s most influential rock artist, and his music will forever be a part of our culture. He, more than any other musician, lives up to this year’s Super Bowl theme of Building Bridges. His music bridges generations, countries, cultures and musical genres.”

Super Bowl XXXVIII will kick off and continue through most of the night of Sunday, 6th February (in the UK and Europe). If you want to see Macca playing live at half time, be willing to stay up late!