Lovebox: good for plane spotters

Metronomy lived up to their geek chic name on Friday as they expressed their love for planes and saluted passing aircraft above.

The band drew a crowd so big for their early evening set at Lovebox that Ms Dynamite was tempted to come onstage to photograph it.

“I think one of my fave things about this festival,” confessed lead singer Joseph Mount, “is seeing all the planes going to City Airport.”

“Where are they going? Probably Zurich as it’s a business airport.”

Later he exclaimed that a passing airbus was “going to Heathrow because it was too big for London city.”

They played an energetic set including singles ‘A Thing For Me’ and ‘Radio Ladio’ which was welcomed with dancing and even a partial mosh by the audience.

In matching-shirt-and-drainpipes gear, the band were cheated a bit by the light British summertime as their trademark flashing badges failed to have the impact that darkness gives them.

But the crowd seemed pleased nonetheless. Sam, 20, from Rickmansworth said: “They were amazing, much more energetic than last time.”

“They should have played ‘On Dancefloors’ though!”

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