Local Natives keep the sun shining

California's Local Natives' performance draws a strong crowd just before the rain comes down on Reading.

A harmony and percussion led set saw Local Natives win new fans on the Radio 1 stage. With a front four line-up including lead singer, Kelcey Ayer magnificently multi-tasking between keyboards and drums whilst knocking out a pacy run through of their debut album, 'Gorilla Manor'.

The band proved a welcome upbeat respite to those struggling with Day 3 hangover blues. Whilst garnering similarities with other US acts such as the Band of Horses or Fleet Foxes, Local Natives stood out, giving a performance that you knew at once was special.

Biggest audience reaction came for recent single, ‘Airplanes’ and the finale of ‘Sun Hands’, which saw the band joined by a raucously enthusiastic group of friends and family members pounding out percussion on stage.

A 30-minute set was never going to be enough; Local Natives are a band you will come back to for more.