Licence Granted for Wales’ largest ever dance fest

Escape Into The Park 2002 is set to break all records in Wales’. Today Swansea City Council and the Licensing Authority granted a licence to the dance promoters for 25,000 people for the event on the 27th July 2002 in Singleton Park, Swansea.

The dance festival will run from 12noon until 11pm and boasts 5 arenas and one main stage area with state of the art lasers never seen before in Wales.

Escape CEO Jonathan Wignall said ” We are very pleased and very excited. This festival is a great way to boost Swansea’s economy and tourism, especially appealing to the younger generation. Last year we had people travelling to the festival from as far away as Scotland and Ireland, this year we are expecting a larger crowd and have worked on opening up and expanding the site to accommodate this.”

Escape Into The Park 2002 has attracted an impressive line up of DJs this year to include Sasha, Darren Emerson, Sonique, Dave Pearce, Ian Van Dahl, Steve Lawler, Boy George, Pay As You Go Cartell and many many more.

This will be the third successive year for Escape Into The Park, Wales’ largest outdoor dance festival. The team has also involved every major dance promoter in Wales, dashing the rumours of rivalry and bad blood in the Welsh music industry. Promoters such as Time Flies, L’America, Bionic and international industry bods Cream are all looking forward to the day.