Leeds Festival to go ahead!

This weekend's Leeds Festival will go ahead as planned, following an emergency meeting of the City Council last night, at which a last minute attempt was made to pull the plug on the festival.

As we reported previously, festival opposition groups had picked up on a planning technicality, where permission had not been obtained for a temporary road to the site at Bramham Park near the city and had exploited this to try to get the festival stopped, less than 72 hours before the first band was due to perform.

Tory councilor John Proctor was seeking an injunction to stop the roads being used, which may well have prevented the festival from taking place, leaving inadequate access routes.

He claimed that: “If fans can’t get onto the site, then I don’t see how it can take place. This may seem an extreme stance but we surely cannot afford to send out the message that people don’t need to apply for planning permission in Leeds if they don’t feel like it.”

However, it has been confiemed that the festival will go ahead this weekend and no further action will be taken.

Festival promotor Melvin Benn, from Mean Fiddler, said in a statement: “We are very pleased with the decision of the planning committee to take no further action against us for the procedural problem that occurred in respect of the festival access route. We are now looking forward to a fantastic weekend of live music.”