Leeds fan: stuck in the middle with poo

A young woman had to be helped out of a toilet by fireman at Leeds Festival after getting stuck trying to retrieve her bag, the BBC reports.

The female festival-goer got wedged in the toilet for several minutes last weekend before onsite fire crews managed to lift her out and decontaminate her.

In a statement about the incident, Festival Republic said: “We can confirm that a female festival-goer received assistance from Leeds Festival's on-site fire and medical services after she got stuck in one of the festival's long drop toilets.

"Her upper torso became wedged as she reached down in an attempt to retrieve her handbag which had fallen in.

"She was quickly lifted out and handed over to medical staff who assessed her and decontaminated her, arranging for a shower and clean clothes.

"She was not injured or particularly distressed by the incident."

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