Klaxons impress at Relentless Boardmasters

Klaxons at Leeds Festival 2010 by Shirlaine Forrest
Klaxons at Leeds Festival 2010 by Shirlaine Forrest

Klaxons have taken to the stage with irrepressible energy, each song thundering out with controlled fury and attitude, the light display pouring out across the field creating compelling drama.

The crowds are largely dedicated but infiltrated with a more fickle tier that yo-yo between the main stage and the tents. Tracks such as ‘Golden Skans’ and ‘Magick’ keep this lot on their toes.

The sultry power of ‘Cypherspeed’ is accompanied by lighting that does little to distance the atmosphere from the England riots of the past week. Red and orange flood the stage in flashes, building in intensity against the drawling undercurrent sound of distant sirens finally washed out in a flood of electric blue and white.

The descending vocals of ‘Echoes’ are intensely atmospheric but fail to hold the outer crowds. It’s not long until they come racing back, calling across the field, arms in the air singing to the sky “It’s not over yet…”
Whilst over in the Vans Tent the recently hyped Twin Atlantic pounded out some seriously heavy tracks gripping in a tighter audience as their set went on.

The geezer-come-metal attitude created a storm and there were no leavers during a sizable gap before the last two tracks. Time was instead used to take mass group photographs of 50+ fans along the open side of the tent.

Relentless Boardmasters 2011 continues tomorrow with performances from Fatboy Slim, Sub Focus and The King Blues.