KISS backstage at Download: ‘We’re like herpes’

KISS have likened themselves to herpes just hours before they're set to take the main stage at Download.

The American rock quartet, who call themselves the 'hottest band in the world', thanks to their infamous pyrotechnic displays, return to Donington Park to perform for the first time since Monsters Of Rock in 1996.

Speaking about the differences between Monsters Of Rock and Download guitarist, Paul Stanley, made clear it was the festival changing not them. He said: "Trends come, fashions come, but we don't go away – we're like herpes I guess."

The band are also set to play their greatest hits during their 105 minute slot which should include classic tracks such as 'Rock And Roll All Nite', 'Lick It Up' and 'God Gave Rock 'N' Roll You'.

When asked why they don't showcase new material Stanley said: "Who goes to see classic bands to hear new songs? You don’t watch the [Rolling] Stones to hear new stuff."

Bassist, Gene Simmons, who has claimed to have bedded more than a thousand women, told journalists the only thing to put him off his performance was "Big tits."

Check back to see if Simmons manages to make it through KISS' performance without being put off and all the other latest developments at the Download Festival.