Killing Joke get ready to set V2003 on fire

Killing Joke are set to make a triumphant return to the live scene, riding on the back of their terrifying new godsmacking album offering, 'The Death & Resurection Show.' - And Dave Grohl is in on the Joke!

When Nirvana laid down the riffs for ‘Come As You Are’, it is almost a 100% certainty that someone in the band had just been listening to ‘Eighties’ by Killing Joke. The story goes that Kurt Cobain was nervous about giving his track a single release in case Jazz Coleman sent the boys around, but as it turned out, everyone was relatively cool about the blatant plagiarism. Now, some twelve years later, bygones are bygones, and Killing Joke have had the debt repaid as they have taken Nirvana’s multiple-project drumsmith – Dave Grohl – and put him hard to work on every track on their new album, ‘The Death & Resurrection Show’, which is set for release at the end of July 2003.

Killing Joke will be playing the V-festival on the same day as the Foo Fighters, and whilst we have been told by a reliable source that drumming at the Camden Underworld warm-up gig (that we will DEFINITELY be going to) will be courtesy of Ted Parsons (ex of Prong), there is more than an outside chance that Mr Grohl will be up on stage at some point as KJ blow a hole in the heads of the 2nd stage crowd.

Just in case we’re wrong, then here’s some studio footage with Jaz Coleman and Dave:-