Just Jack shows Road To V contenders how it’s done

Just Jack brought the first Road to V semi-finalist night at Brighton's Great Escape Festival to a rapturous close.

In spite of the torrential rain, Brighton's Coalition venue was packed to the rafters for the first semi-finalist night of the Road To V contest, in which unsigned acts compete for a chance to open this year's V Festival in August.

Winners of the fan’s vote Underline the Sky kicked off proceedings and got everyone on their feet with a hi-energy performance and some nice guitar twirling.

51 Breaks brought Brummie rock ‘n’ roll moves and synth rock sounds to the seafront venue, while the eclectic Jazica were all glitter pop and heroic poses with plenty of crowd interaction.

Barely fitting themselves and their equipment on the stage, Duologue combined big beats, otherworldly synths, a violin and a toy megaphone to deliver a powerful set, and Dimbleby & Capper (or Laura to her friends) dropped some mesmerising and original electropop. Laura would certainly win the contest if it was being judged on outfits alone, sporting a terrifying mask and resourceful use of parcel tape.

All the acts were watched by mentor Just Jack who delivered feedback and some praise before taking to the stage himself for a rapturously received set, featuring songs from his forthcoming album ‘All Night Cinema’ and, of course, his 2007 smash hit ‘Starz In Their Eyes’.

Tonight’s show features the remaining five finalists: Akayzia, Bleech, Paul Dixon, The Last Republic and The Quotes, plus headliners and mentors The Charlatans.

The gig will be aired on Virgin 1 at 6.55pm, Friday 6th June. Virgin Media customers can also catch the full performances from Just Jack and the Road to V artists from the 6th of June, on Virgin TV Music on Demand.