Jason Byrne fills comedy tent with the sound of laughter

Dublin joker Jason Byrne had people climbing scaffolding to see his hilarious routines and unsuccessful attempts to pair up a ladyboy in the crowd with any single gay men he could find.

As punters sought shelter from Mother Nature's schizophrenic mix of baking sun and gale force winds, many found the inner sanctum of The Alternative Stage by following the sound of laughter.

Byrne's banter and interaction with the crowd was second to none and his unrehearsed conversations with random fans proved his wit as razor sharp as the hype suggests.

He wasn't above a bit of toilet humour though, and some of the biggest laughs were reserved for his survey of the crowd regarding their toilet habits at the fest. "Who has peed? Anyone poo? Who hovered? Are any of you responsible for the shit on the side of the seats?!"

Leeds Festival 2010 continues today (29 Aug) with sets from Guns N' Roses, Queens Of The Stone Age and many more.