James Vincent McMorrow hits the beach at Great Escape

Scenes at The Great Escape 2010 by John Bownas
Scenes at The Great Escape 2010 by John Bownas

Singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow took his place in front of the famed 'donut' on Brighton beach, as the tides lapped the pebbles beneath, for a secret set at The Great Escape 2011.

The Relentless Pop Up gigs at the Brighton music festival have already featured Frank Turner and Black Lungs.

Shake Aletti will the final pop up gig at 5pm in Brighton’s Jubilee Square.

The quiet Irish man serenaded over 300 fans on the seafront esplanade with songs from debut album ‘Early In The Morning’ during a 20-minute set.

He called the show, “the strangest thing,” before commenting on the pier’s rollercoasters and his fear of rides. “It looks tepid, but you won’t get me on there,” he said.

James Vincent McMorrow will play the Unitarian Church at 9pm tonight as part of The Great Escape 2011.

Friendly Fires, Devlin, Katy B play tonight as well.