Isle Of Wight Festival 2007: Sunday Blog

The final day of the Isle Of Wight Festival delivers the biggest UK festival headline set of 2007 - The Rolling Stones Paint It Wight!

10.45pm As the dying strains of Jumpin' Jack Flash are lost in a magnificent blitz of fireworks, the band take their final bow and the curtains close on what has been undoubtedly one of the greatest festivals ever staged. Everything about the Isle of Wight 2007 – from the 'impossible' line-up to the weather, to the slick production and unequalled atmosphere – has been nothing short of perfect. Can't wait to come back next year.

9.45pm The Stones rip into Ain't To Proud To Beg. Again, with no introduction, Amy Winehouse suddenly appears, to belt out the rock n' roll number in harmony with Mick.

9.30pm "So we're like the 24th band you've seen this weekend", muses old rubber lips, "There's been some great bands today. James Morrisson, The Fratellis… and Paulo Nutini must be sailing home to Glasgow on a beautiful yacht right now." The band fall into classic Robert Johnson blues cover Love In Vain. Unannounced, Paulo Nutini strolls on-stage to steal the show from the second verse onwards.

9.15pm Start Me Up! With very little warning, Mick Jagger sprints onto the stage, flanked by Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and session bassist Daryl Jones. Keyboardist Chuck Leavell and drummer Charlie Watts appear as if by magic and 50,000 people miss a heartbeat in the joyous realisation that it really is true – The Rolling Stones are making festival history tonight and we're all part of it!

A mole just tipped us off that Paolo Nutini is going to duet with Jagger on 'Love In Vain' and Amy Winehouse on 'Ain't Too Proud To Beg'. Kirsten Dunst is wandering round wearing the smallest pair of hotpants, tighter than Spiderman lycra. Pete Doherty meanwhile is stumbling.  

"I need to be among you people", proclaims Tom Chaplin as Keane scoop the entire audience into the

palm of their hand with a set of heartfelt anthems that strike the perfect chord as the sun begins its descent. He then defies artist etiquette by making a defiant dash down the elevated pathway to the 'B' Stage, reserved for The Stones' exclusive use. The crowd receive the gesture with unreserved adulation and it's a performance bound to evoke more than a spark of competitive anxiety in Mick Jagger, who's watching from the sidelines. 

Contrary to Kasabian's belief that Keane's Tom Chaplin's diet consists of pies and crisps, he actually looks quite trim – must be the diet Coke! 'Everybody's Changing' and 'Bedshaped' are the best received songs so far and Chaplin's voice sounds great on another cloudless summer's evening on the Isle Of Wight. 

We've just apologised to Mel C for the Eddie Murphy question and were surprised to be told that it actually made her day after so many questions about the Spice Girls. We've been won over. Sporty was always my favourite. 

One of The Fratellis is wearing a 'Who The Fuck Is Mick Jagger' t-shirt. There's a great summery flavour to their set and it goes down much better than Mel C and James Morrisson.

For all the old swingers in town, Paolo Nutini is doing a jazzed up version of 'I Want To Be Like You' from The Jungle Book. Keith Richards in mind perhaps? 

We grab a few words with Mel C after her set…
VF: "Are you still on talking terms with Eddie Murphy?"
Mel C: "Err, am I still on talking terms with Eddie Murphy? Get your Spice Girls facts right!" 

With the Main Stage becoming increasingly tame, we head over to the Bacardi B Live tent for a superb  laid back, dub set from The Bees, perfect for kicking back on a boiling hot day in the sun! 

An unusual cover – James Morrison has a go at The Roots' seminal track 'The Seed' and just about pulls it off in typical MOR style.

Mel C
 enjoys a friendly reception as she rocks out in the tightest pair of red leggings we've seen since panto. No Bryan Adams sadly on 'When You're Gone'. Well, you can't have it all can you? 

Just caught up with festival boss John Giddings again. The Rolling Stones have brought an entourage of 160 people! It's rumoured they split up around the site to stand under trees to stop Keith Richards climbing them. 

We catch up with Scots band The Hedrons who are playing later. Our team up at Download had the pleasure of meeting them on Friday, but the band say they're doubly chuffed to be at Isle Of Wight – the weather's better for starters! 

Country Joe Macdonald
, with the help of the crowd, has apparently just broken the world record for saying 'Fuck!' repeatedly en masse. The band go on to pull off a politics-heavy set that includes the classic sea shanty 'What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor' with his skiffle band. 

The Rolling Stones
have taken over the entire artists area backstage, including a travel lodge and a pub for the day and night. We caught up with festival boss John Giddings last night who told us the band have been a logistical 'challenge'. He joked that he was keen to get them on and off site as quickly as possible!

Overnight a 'B' stage has mysteriously sprung up in the main arena – is it the meeting point for Noel Fielding's legion of fans or part of The Rolling Stones elobrate headline act? Neither actually, it's so Mel C doesn't have to walk through the mud this afternoon. Siniez are on now and they don't look old enough to buy cigarettes, let alone open the main stage on the final day.

There's been a massive clean up operation over night. The Main Stage was awash with plastic and paper beer cups and now its neater than my gran's lawn. There's some messiness elsewhere, however, as the usual Sunday morning festival antics ensue – someone is paddling a lilo across the lake and a merry Scotsman is selling his worldly possessions for beer tokens outside our tent. It's going to be one of those days!