Immortal bloody Bloodstock Open Air 2011

What with the frequent nose-crunching head-bangs, crippling crowd surfs and more paramedics on hand than a Saturday night at A&E, Immortal prepared to 'kill it' at Bloodstock Open Air 2011.

Yet it’s debatable whether the black metallers dealt out the right amount of pain to impress the whole of the crowd.

Despite the ambient smoke accompanying their ambient metal throughout, all other theatrics were put on ice while they poker faced their way through Satan’s Spotify.

Even ‘Call Of The Wintermoon’ didn’t live up to the comic value of its music video; no fire was breathed, no wizards jumped camply out to greet the audience.

For the fans, Immortal’s deadpan performance would keep their boots quivering for a while yet, but for the average punter, the glammed-up band (a.k.a. Papa Lazarou minus the top hat) could have given Bloodstockers a bit more than an over-enthusiastic smoke machine and some flashy lights.

Bloodstock Open Air 2011 continues today (Sunday) with a headline show from Motorhead as well as performances from Morbid Angel, At The Gates, Exodus, Hammerfall and Napalm Death.

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