How Glastonbury got Bruce Springsteen to play

Glasotnbury co-organiser Emily Eavis has revealed the lengths that the festival had to go to in order to book Bruce Springsteen.

Event bosses had to prepare a special document with quotes from past performers praising the event to show The Boss after his agent admitted that he didn’t know what Glastonbury Festival was.

Speaking to BBC 6Music Emily Eavis said: "It's been our mission for quite a long time to get Bruce. I thought it was quite unlikely, especially when the agent said, 'Glaston-what?'

"We put together a document for him and spoke to his people a lot and they are really up for it. He's never done a festival before so we didn't expect him to know much about it. It included quotes from lots of different people, musicians who have played.

"It's quite hard to understand why you should play a festival for not much money when you're being offered quite a lot to go elsewhere.

"We put together some information and said 'This is what happens, this is all the money that goes to charity'. Pretty quickly he said: 'Yes'. It's amazing."

Neil Young and Blur are the other headliners for Glastonbury Festival 2009 with many more on the bill.

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Tickets to the event have sold out.