Hole pull out of Soundwave 2012

Hole have pulled out of Soundwave 2012, apparently after Courtney Love found out the band would be below Limp Bizkit on the bill.

Adelaide music site Rip It Upreports that festival promoter AJ Maddah took to Twitter to express his frustration, confirming the reasons for the pullout: “Yep. Limp is the excuse they are giving. Like we were going to ask her permission every time we book a band.”

He then got a bit more personal when asked if there was any chance of getting Love to reconsider: “No point talking her back, only for her to cancel later, or turn up & act like a rotten twat to other artists, fans, etc…I am really mad about this. I was given so many assurances that this would not happen when I took the booking.”

It’s also alleged that Love replied to Maddah via her private account, dismissing his accusations as “total and complete sexist claptrap”, though she then went on to ask “what bloody flight of crazed fancy made you think we’d open for Limp, dude? No offence, that’s nuts.”

Love has long made clear her dislike for Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst.

The bands were due to share the bill on the Australian touring festival with the likes of System Of A Down, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and You Me At Six.

A second wave of line-up announcements is expected tomorrow, with Maddah also confirming on his Twitter that Hole have already been replaced, though declining to say who with.

Beginning on 25 February 2012 in Brisbane, the festival calls at Sydney (26), Melbourne (26), Melbourne (2 March), Adelaide (3 March) and Perth (5 March).

Festivalgoers can register at the Soundwave website to be eligible for pre-sale tickets,