Help us review Reading and Leeds 2011!

"Everybody's a journalist and critic nowadays," tweeted rapper Jay Electronica, and for festival-goers at Reading and Leeds 2011, everybody will have the chance to swirl their quill for Virtual Festivals too.

Our finest festival scribes can’t be everywhere and, as some of you attest, they aren’t always right in their assessments of your favourite bands either.

That’s why we want your input, your informed appraisals, your look-I’ve-already-had-six-pints-and-you’re-wrong rants, even with added drunken kisses at the end.

Over the weekend, VF journalists will be critiquing as much of the Reading and Leeds 2011 line up they can with their reviews going up on the site with links on Twitter and Facebook too.

And this is when you come in… Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and reply to our review posts with your thoughts, insights, opinions and full-on reviews. Send tweets to us with your reviews or comment on our Reading and Leeds Facebook posts with your thoughts.

Head here to see who we’ve reviewed and leave your own thoughts in the comment boxes of each review.

This isn’t about getting nasty if you don’t agree with our journalists, but an opportunity to leave your own appraisals, with the best ones getting published on the site.

Don’t worry if you can’t review over the weekend either – there will be plenty of chances to do that afterwards on Virtual Festivals too.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and spread the word!