Green Day’s ‘Warning’ to George Bush

Billy Joe Armstrong, star of festival favourites Green Day, has launched an online petition protesting against future war with Iraq.

[r-zone1]In an audio message, which you can hear by clicking here, the singer tells fans, “For those of you who are opposed to the war on Iraq, I want to start a petition on [fansite] to send to George W Bush strongly urging him to re-think his plans for military invasion. This petition isn’t only for people who live in America, but people all over the world.”

Click here to access the petition.

[l-zone3]Green Day are one of the first US acts to oppose war against Iraq, whereas UK bands have been more vocal about the situation. Massive Attack’s 3-D paired up with Blur’s Damon Albarn in creating adverts aimed at promoting opposition to any British involvement in a US led attack. They are working with CND and the ‘Stop The War’ coalition.

[r-zone2]Green Day entertained crowds last summer through their unique live antics at Manchester’s Move, T in the Park, Ireland’s Witnness and Nottingham’s Distortion Festival