GOTCHA! Leeds Rioters Convicted

Stuart Gunn and Nicolas Jones, both 18, are the first two to be convicted following the Leeds festival riots which resembled a 'war zone'. They are to be sentenced next week, hopefully with more convictions to follow.

[l-zone1]It may have taken a fair while, but the first two convictions following the tree-high fires that savaged the Leeds Festival site following Foo Fighters’ headline set on the Sunday night, are an extremely positive sign.

[r-zone3]It is hoped there will be further convictions with more court cases pending. The burning chemical toilets resembled ‘burning oil fields’ in the worst case of violence ever witnessed at a Britsih music event. The license for Leeds 2003 is still a long way away, but if this section of unsociable scum can be wiped out, then it has a better chance of taking place again.

[l-zone2]Virtual’s exclusive photos of the fires and the firestarters were an integral part of police investigations. They were seen all over the world; everywhere from NME and Rolling Stone to trade mags for the chemical toilet industry.

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