Gogol Bordello bring the theatrics to Leeds

No Leeds Fester could casually pass Gogol Bordello on their way to buy a warm £4 pint as the New York gypsies mesmerised with their unique mixture of gypsy folk, punk and dub.

Distorted guitars wrestled with busker-style accordion as the wild mass of musicians onstage pummeled Leeds with a relentless, high-spirited set this afternoon.

The huge collective fought for dominance as a mix of singers and multi-instrument musicians frantically ran around stage demanding the crowd's attention.

New fan Yvonne Penaranda, 47, from Glasgow said: "It's something different on a Sunday afternoon, better than seeing the latest Radio 1 favourites take another slot."

Leeds Festival 2010 continues with sets from Guns N' Roses, Biffy Clyro and many more.