Glasto’s Left Field Stage announces warm up

Glastonbury's Left Field stage has announced a massive 18-hour warm-up show in Brighton in support of Rock Against Racism.

The Thirst, Frank Turner, Carnival Collective, The Krak and Bobby McGees are among the musical acts set for the seaside town alongside Elle Milano, Emily Baker, Teasing Lulu, The Perils and Maths Class.

Jamestown Union, The Bobby McGees and Night of Treason have also been confirmed for the mini-festival which will include an exclusive preview of the Rock Against Racism film Who Shot The Sheriff? which includes unseen footage of The Clash, The Libertines and Hard Fi.

The event is also set to include open mic sessions, comedy, surprise live bands as well as a host of guest DJs still to be announced.

Speaking about the unique show Glastonbury Left Field director, Geoff Martin, said: "We thought that rather than just doing a one off gig as a Glasto warm up we ought to pull together a bit of a mini-festival and that's what we're doing.

"A bunch of people are getting the train down from London on the Friday morning and then heading back on the milk train first thing Saturday just to be part of this unique event. And it's all for Rock Against Racism, what more could you want?"

The Rock Against Racism event will take place at various venues around Brighton, East Sussex on Friday 13 June. For the full Left Field stage line-up at Glastonbury click HERE.

The schedule for the marathon warm-up show is as follows:

Friday 13 June


Who Shot The Sheriff? (RAR film)
Open Mic
Carnival Collective

The Thirst
Frank Turner
The Krak
The Perils

Elle Milano
Emily Baker
Teasing Lulu
Maths Class
Jamestown Union
The Bobby McGees
Night of Treason