Glastonbury’s winning ingredients

Earlier this year VF conducted an in depth survey on every major UK festival. We asked those who went to rate everything from the ticket price to the toilets. The results from Glasto make interesting reading...

We can now officially confirm what Glastonbury Festival fans have been claiming for years – the world’s most famous music festival is about much more than watching the world’s most famous bands…

Because more than 1,000 visitors to this year’s Glastonbury gave the festival’s ‘organisation’, ‘food and drink’, ‘camping culture’, ‘layout’, and ‘atmosphere’ALL a higher rating than its ‘lineup’.

With the likes of Coldplay, The White Stripes, Kaiser Chiefs, Basement Jaxx, and Brian Wilson all performing great sets, it would appear festival goers are hailing the non-musical aspects of the festival, rather than slagging off the bands.

Although curiously, Glastonbury’s lineup did score below every other major UK festival. It averaged 3.77 out of 5 compared to the top rated T In The Park, which scored 4.47.

The Somerset festival is still the punter’s choice for ‘value for money’ with a top score of 4.43, despite it being the event where people spent the most money – an average of £177 over the weekend (excluding the cost of their ticket).

It also rated highest for ‘overall experience’ with a massive 4.45.

But what do you reckon? Does Glastonbury’s lineup need improving? Does it pale into insignificance compared to the rest of the festival? What’s the best things about Glasto? Is it good value for money?

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All the above results are taken from online surveys conducted throughout the summer. After every major UK festival a survey asked those who had attended to rate different areas out of 5 – everything from ‘organisation’ to ‘sound quality’. Click here to see the full results.

Creamfields, Download, Homelands, Isle Of Wight, Leeds Festival, Reading Festival, T In The Park, and V Festival were the other festivals surveyed, with more than 5,000 people taking part.