Glastonbury to support migrant rights

A trade union campaign to prevent Polish workers being exploited and treated as "second hand labour" was stepped up today with news that the issue will be featured at next month's Glastonbury Festival.

Two bands from Poland will travel to the UK and play at the festival's Left Field area where politics and music mix.

Organisers claim that some workers from Poland and other Eastern European countries find it difficult to win proper employment rights, pay, holidays and decent working conditions.

General Secretary Paul Kenny said: "People who come to this country from Poland and elsewhere are very welcome – they benefit the economy and enrich our culture but we hear disturbing cases of exploitation.''

Polish Consul General Janusz Wach agreed that Polish migrant workers face a big challenge and welcomed the invite from the Left Field.

He said: "It will be an opportunity for members of the Polish community that we have something to offer apart from bringing in plumbers, bricklayers and agricultural workers.''

Left Field organiser Geoff Martin said the aim was to put a "rock and roll edge'' to the campaign for better employment rights for migrant workers.

The 6000-capacity arena will also be supporting and discussing a number of other social issues, including fair trade and homelessness.

Virtual Festivals is helping to program the bill and will be hosting the Friday night with a number of past favourites performing. Stay tuned…

Previous artists at the venue have included Billy Bragg (pictured), Babyshambles, British Sea Power, Sonic Audio and Shaun Ryder, The Others and Hugh Cornwall.