Glastonbury Superfence Survives Battering Ram Assault!

This year's make or break Glastonbury festival kicked off early when hundreds of festival goers arrived days in advance to begin soaking up the atmosphere of what is feared will be the last of this eclectic and much loved festival.

As we arrived on site, the well documented heightened security measures were clearly and fully in force, including the notorious fence and state of the art tickets.  Both were under threat early on when one group of travellers attempted a fence break in with a battering ram attached to their vehicle, only to be thwarted by members of their own tribe who stole the engine in a fit of conscience and then decamped to a local supermarket to enjoy the festival car park style!  Hundreds of disappointed, ripped off festival goers unwittingly bought forged tickets that were discovered at the point of entry with holograms in the wrong place, and were turned away.

Not that it is quite the same, but car park campers and dejected, conned festival goers won’t miss out altogether as they could always take advantage of Michael Eavis’ latest project – ‘Glastonbury – The Movie’ comprising footage of this year’s festival and vintage Glastonbury  moments.  Be warned if you’re wanting to see thorough coverage of the bands though – this will be a film depicting the Glastonbury experience, in an attempt to create a celluloid version of atmosphere and lifestyle rather than just the music.

For those of us lucky enough to have successfully navigated our way inside the ring of steel, we’ve been blessed with glorious sunshine but are now facing torture of the worst kind as a direct result.  Water rationing is on the rise, particularly since the solar powered showers that are allegedly somewhere on the site are currently out of action because ironically, there is too much sun.  Work that one out!  And the only other showers I’ve seen had a two hour queue for the privilege of ablutions!  Thus an odious stench will soon be upon us as heat and filth combine to create a new strain of chemical / biological warfare.

The Stereophonics are now officially confirmed as headliners for Saturday night on the Pyramid Stage (but we told you that weeks ago!), and there are rumours circulating wildly that we could be in for some unexpected appearances from The Strokes, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Dr Dre, Eminem and Oasis.  Watch this space!