Glastonbury ravaged by storms as VF arrives

Scenes at Glastonbury Festival 2004 by Sara Bowrey
Scenes at Glastonbury Festival 2004 by Sara Bowrey

Rain, gales, mud and parts of the notorious million pound fence blowing down - Worthy Farm was last night gripped in storm warnings and sludge - But the first rays of sunshine have finally burst through

Thousands of people have been pouring through the village of Pilton and onto a mud-soaked Glastonbury festival site today (Wednesday), undetered by savage weather patterns which have been blowing through the South-West during the last 24 hours.

Virtual Festivals arrived here yesterday amid a climate of chaos, as gale force storm warnings were issued upon arrival, shortly before the heavens truly opened.

The evening was spent hurriedly putting up tents (and then hanging onto them as we slept!) while rain lashed down and Atlantic winds tore through the site.

Almost all work on the site was halted as staff took refuge from the elements, meaning efforts were doubled today to get all the stages ready for Friday’s opening bands.

Just this morning, engineers were seen hanging off the Other Stage, battling to pin down the tarpaulin as the wind raged.  

Despite all that, scores of festival goers have been piling through the gates, battling to put up their tents as the foul weather continued.

Melissa McDonald, from London, said: “Yeh, it’s been a bit windy! Putting up the tent has been a nightmare but the weather hasn’t bothered us too much. We can’t wait for it all to start now, especially to see the Scissor Sisters.”

For others, the weather caused delays getting onto the site. According to one report, part of the huge wall that surrounding Worthy Farm was blown down.

Martin Evans, from Stratford Upon Avon, said: “We had to get redirected by security because the wall collapsed and we got sent down some strange route. It took ages to get in but it’s cool to be here, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.” 

Fortunately, the weather has now improved, the sun has come out, and we’re all looking forward to what’s forecast to be clear blue skies tomorrow.

Virtual Festivals will be continuing its coverage in the lead up, and over, the weekend, providing the best reviews, news, and photos – the latter which you will be able to download on to your phone as bands are still playing.