Glastonbury: Priority Ticket System is a wish, not a reality!

Glastonbury Festival organisers are still trying to finalise a new system for the distribution of tickets for future festivals after this year's record sell-out. No announcement will be made until at least a month AFTER this year's event, which begins on

Comments by Festival Organiser Michael Eavis during a recent media interview have led to widespread speculation about a new ticket distribution system.

Organisers today confirmed that they were “looking at many options with regard to ticket distribution, in direct response to this year’s record sell-out.

“The speed with which tickets were snapped up has prompted a review of how we market and distribute them. But we must stress there will be no official announcement until after this year’s event,” said a spokesperson for Glastonbury Festival.

“Meanwhile we must emphasise that our absolute priority is a safe and successful Glastonbury for 2003. Our message to everybody is still: don’t come to the Festival without a ticket. This will have a direct effect on the Festival’s future.”

Anyone interested in coming to future events is requested not to contact the Glastonbury Festival offices or the web site for further information, and to wait for an announcement in due course.