Glastonbury: No Ticket, No Entry, Get Over it!

As final preparations for this year's festival fall into place, the message of 'No ticket, no entry' seems to have seeped through to most people...

Buses to and from the site will not service people without a ticket,
and only vehicles with a parking pass and tickets for everyone inside will
be admitted within the 15 mile cut off zone around the festival.

The new fence has cost in excess of £1M and organiser Michael Eavis claims that few will be able to scale it. He said: “There might be a couple of dozen, but I very, very much doubt it.” Added security and policing will be spot checking people for tickets, which should all make for the most peaceful and relaxed weekend of the year.

Killing any fears of a Mean Fiddler commercial sponsor-circus following the festival organisers’ much publicised involvement with Glasto, the festival’s commercial manager Hannah Rossmorris remarked: “Although we get a huge number of companies wanting to be involved, we are not open to sponsors in the same way other events are. We could make millions but we choose not to, and we never will. We would rather not have the festival.

“We don’t allow any branding on site – Orange, for instance, removes all its logos – and we try to make sure sponsors are giving something back to the people at the festival. Any involvement is low-key rather than in-your-face. It’s better from a marketing point of view because, in this environment, overbranding would work against you. The people who come here are very media-savvy and don’t like to be told what to buy.”
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