Glastonbury looking a little under the weather

With less than a week to go, the Met Office is forecasting an 'unsettled picture' in the days leading up to the festival. But the outlook is slightly better for the weekend. Pray

Eyes will be angled skywards, weather reports dissected, wood touched, fingers crossed, prayers muttered.

Yes, it is that time of year again – the nail-biting ‘will it or won’t it rain at Glastonbury‘ wait-and-see.

As it stands, and for what it’s worth, the forecast is not good, however it shouldn’t be a total wash-out – just come prepared. 

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Throughout the next week, sporadic spots of sunshine and light showers look set to battle it out against an overcast sky, with things gradually picking up as the weekend nears.

Or as Barry Gromett, from the Met Office, puts it: “We’re predicting a cold northerly flow over the country with an Atlantic depression coming in. Expect below average weather throughout the week.”

The good news is that temperatures are set to slowly but surely improve as the weekend nears.

Barry told us: “Temperatures should be more back to normal by the weekend, with highs in their late teens and early twenties and even periods of sunshine.”

The bad news is that it’s still predicted to rain over the three band days, although it shouldn’t be continuous, with only a slim chance of Worthy Farm descending into another mud bath.
Barry concluded: “It is very hard to predict the weather a week ahead, but from this distance it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a great weekend.”

Fortunately, we all know that it IS going to be a great weekend, come rain or shine.
A huge VF crew will be at the festival to capture all the best moments, with coverage from the site starting from Wednesday. 

Glastonbury 2004 takes place between 25-27th June at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset.