Glastonbury: Let’s Have It!

Unless you've been living in the wilderness for the last year, you'll know that the most important weekend of the musical year is upon us. So get your wellies, and we'll see you there (or here!)...

Dear Virtual Festivals Readers,
Alright, now check it all again. Do you have the tent, do you have the sleeping bag? Remember, you’re not taking the girlfriend, save space, take beer and get a cheap one there. Phew, looks like we’re sorted then.
If you’re anything like us here at VF HQ you’re in a right panic over last minute Glasto preparations. At least you don’t have the daunting task of covering the bestest and biggest music event around to an expectant public of thousands and the music industry and media around the world. Luckily, as seasoned festival pro’s, we should be fine. As long as we have power plugs backstage, enough booze and it doesn’t rain too much…
It does all look set to be the most fantastic experience of our lives though. There may not be REM, Radiohead, or Oasis headlining, but come on, greatest hits sets from Stereophonics, Ash and Charlatans, will be top. We’ve all liked them at some point. Plus, all the fantastic up and coming talent on show will more than detract from the other goings on, and let’s face it, Glasto is not just about the great music. I’m not gonna drivel on about how much more there, you’ll just have to see it for yourself either at the festival itself or here online.
So what do we hope to get out of Glastonbury? I just wana lose my fucking mind and escape from everything for the weekend. Luckily, they’ve been very selective with the passes this year, meaning that the normal brand of backstage scum that clogs up lesser events will be forced to stay at home and enjoy the festival from the comfort of their computer with
I wanna discover some new bands, I wanna meet a load of my friends and I wanna make a load of new ones. Last time, I found love, discovered that Embrace are fantastic after a bottle of sherry and was part of the biggest ever Main Stage crowd for Chemical Brothers.
Glastonbury is a dream come true, and I know that everyone here at Virtual Festivals is as grateful as can be for the incredible opportunity we have to experience it all first hand, and best of all, that we have the chance to share it all with you, through the most comprehensive selection of photos and words which will be live on-site as they happen. 
As I wirte this, the cameras are charging, the phone is constantly ringing, and I have to contemplate going home and getting all my stuff to be in west London in six hours’ times. My only real advice is to fucking have it this weekend. Check you ave everything, make sure your phone works and don’t forget to come and find us in the photo pits, backstage area or out in with the crowd soaking up the sun and the atmosphere.
We hope you have as much fun as we will,

See you there, or here!
Andrew Future, on behalf of the Virtual Festivals Crew,
Glasto 2002 sqadron.