Glastonbury daily news: Wednesday & Thursday

Scenes at Glastonbury Festival 2003 by Virtual Festivals
Scenes at Glastonbury Festival 2003 by Virtual Festivals

The sun is shining and the atmosphere is positively sizzling, as the world's biggest and best festivals cranks into action. Follow our coverage throught the weekend, and watch out for some very special surprises!

[r-zone2]The music doesn’t begin until Friday but Glastonbury starts long before then: We arrived on Wednesday to find much of the festival underway. Many camping fields were already packed out and market traders’ stalls were up and selling well. As the evening drew in there was the familiar smokey haze hanging over the fields in the distance as bonfires and flares burned and the sun began to set over the vale. Up in the Tippee field the sound of bongos and pipes spread through the air as festival goers gathered in groups on the slightly damp ground and got on with the drinking, smoking and consumption of illegal substances that they had come to do!

[l-zone1]Some of the site was still under construction such as the Chapel of Love in Lost Vagueness which wasn’t quite ready to host matrimonial ceremonies. In the Green Fields a giant rhinoceros was being created from hay and mud, aided by children who were sourcing the mud by stamping around in a giant mud pool that had been dug out of the ground, getting covered in the stuff and loving it!

[r-zone3]The weather has provided us with two festival favourites: a deluge in the night that made all our clothes slightly damp and muddied the tent porch, followed by blistering sun to give us that attractive, red-raw sun burnt look, coupled with dank, sweat hair. Gorgeous.Disappointingly, arriving early does not improve the toilet situation as they are rancid and foul already. Cue the retching – literally.

(Tip for the day – if you buy a new tent which looks large and complicated in the picture on the front, don’t leave the instructions at home; it doesn’t make you very popular with your fellow campers!)