Glastonbury 2011: The early weather forecast

Scenes at Glastonbury Festival 2007 by Lisa Rocket
Scenes at Glastonbury Festival 2007 by Lisa Rocket

It's a brave man who books a festival on the same week that Wimbledon begins. But unlike the Henman of the past or Murray of today, Glastonbury is built for success, come rain or shine.

Early forecasts built June up as the hottest thing since May and, well, we fell for it. It’s not exactly been a scorcher so far but signs are at least signaling a final burn-out for the end of the month.

The south will have the best weather over the Glastonbury Festival weekend with the north and west taking the worst with spots of low pressure moving in from the west.

It doesn’t however promise to be the hottest Glastonbury yet with temperatures below par across the south through the Glastonbury weekend and only patchy intervals of sunshine expected. Heavy winds in the west are also expected to hit the festival so wrap up warm with the expectation of some cold nights.

Rainfall over the weekend is expected but will be limited to short showers and bursts rather than any continual downpours.

All weather forecasts are based on predictions from the Met Office and BBC Weather. Check back to Virtual Festivals for a full weather forecast nearer the festival and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with our coverage live from the festival.