Glasto ticket selling for £10 million!

If you were mad that council tax has risen well past the rate of inflation, check out the going rate on Glasto tickets. Following the sellout over the weekend, the net auctioneers are at it again.

A Glastonbury ticket is selling on eBay with the bidding currently at £10m. The cheeky ad reads, “Ok…here’s the deal! I’m going the festival and I’ve got a spare ticket, the only thing is it’s not in your name! So…all you need to do change your name by deed poll and then you can come with me!

It continues suggesting that the bidder visit ‘‘ to change their name, saying: “This auction will be strictly limited to only attractive women (no men or minging women!), prior to bidding please send an appropriate photo for pre-approval!

As so many people will be after this ticket I think I can be quiet [sic] specific on who I want, so… must be around 5′ – 5’5″, petite, high sexual appetite, good conversationalist, have attractive mother (its a great window into how well you will age!), enjoy drinking and partying! Please note cooking and general slave services are part of this auction – that is you will be providing them to me if you win! Sharing tent is optional, but it’s my call and depends on how good you look! So happy bidding!

Of course, those purchasing tickets through eBay or any other third-party will not be allowed in. The auction website has posted warnings up advising fans not to be duped into fraudulent transactions. All 112,000 tickets for the 2005 festival, which will feature Coldplay, White Stripes and Kylie, sold out in three hours last Sunday.