Franz Ferdinand triumphant at INmusic Festival

Performing on Wednesday (24 June) at the INmusic festival in Zagreb, Croatia, Franz Ferdinand's skinny, funky art pop toppled Moby, the following night's headliner.

Franz’s first song ‘Do You Want To’ saw the entire crowd shouting, “Lucky lucky, you’re so lucky!” before a ferocious ‘Take Me Out’ followed suit and by the time ‘Matinee’ kicked in there were people on each other’s shoulders.

Like the man who inspired their name 95 years ago and 178 miles to the east in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Franz Ferdinand go out with a bang, playing ‘The Fallen’ towards the end.

On Thursday (25 June) Moby’s many talents – not eating meat, playing bongos and strumming a Gibson SG – are on show, with an euphoric crowd becomes over excited.

“Fuck you” Moby says mid song, as he is hit with a glow stick, before complaining, “Do not throw glow sticks, because when you throw them and they hit us, they hurt!”

Things are patched up later when Moby plays ‘Porcelain’, ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?’ and ‘Body Rock’, before a sea of glow sticks stuck firmly in the hands of the crowd.  ‘Lift Me does exactly that, as does closer ‘Feeling So Real’, which is jungle massive.

No such problems for N*E*R*D, who hurl hundreds of glow sticks into the crowd and see them returned. Also, if fans weren’t lubricated enough already, the band bring out the water pistols and soak everyone within range.

Playing the melodic ‘Maybe’ and ‘Sooner or Later’, as well as the heavier ‘Brain’ and ‘Lapdance’, Pharrell whipped fans into a frenzy.

There are riotous scenes for the last few songs, as N*E*R*D fill the stage with delighted ladies from the crowd, who happily dance along to a mash up of ‘Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing in the Line…)’ and The White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’.

On the second, Nokia stage, Kawasaki 3P play Balkan brass, ska and a riff stolen from MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’. At one point the band cluck like chickens.

Later Yeah Yeah Yeahs ripped up the same stage and on the T-Mobile Stage, German godfathers of dance Kraftwerk got the crowd going.