Frank Turner remains popular at Reading

Frank Turner worked a large crowd in the NME tent with comparisons to his Leeds gig on Friday.

The former-Million Dead star on fine form during Reading Festival show.

"Leeds were pretty good, singing and dancing along,"
he said and a chorus of boos followed, before the singer-songwriter launched into 'Reasons Not To Be An Idiot'.

The irony of the line, "it's a lovely sunny day" was not lost on the audience as dark clouds and drops of rain fell outside.  

"It seems like Leeds have got a battle on their hands!"
was Turner's response to the sing-a-long of 'Substitute'.

His set included a new song, with Turner's warning, that will make people, "fuck off to the bar." Instead the assembled crowd sing back at him the coda "I still believe" which they do with gusto at the risk of being quieter than Leeds.  

It was, as always though, Turner's lament to his dying friend in, 'Long Live The Queen' which received the biggest cheer.