Frank Turner – Bestival 2011 review

Frank Turner at Bestival 2011 - review. We want your reviews too!


Frank Turner sent the Sailor Jerrys stage all alight with a ‘secret set’ at midnight at Bestival 2011.

The folk-punk troubadour cut a lonesome figure without his backing band, who had been ‘confiscated’ on the ferry crossing. Nevertheless he galvanised the full crowd for rousing sing-a-long after sing-a-long.

Delving into his back catalogue he pulled out old fan favourites ‘The Real Damage’ and ‘The Queen Is Dead’.

Referencing the power of the crowd at every turn, the real power in Turner’s set is to be the everyman choir leader, dutifully leading the rapture and riotous responses as he touches on themes of adolescent angst, love and political struggle.

Finishing with ‘Photosynthesis’, the song that sets his set apart in a stratospheric dimension, he leads a full call and response chorus section. Bestival refuses to sit down or shut up, even after Frank’s left the stage.

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