Football fever sweeps through fields of Glastonbury

Inspired by England's recent performances, and boasting an even greater sense of opportunity than Wayne Rooney, a VF message boarder is calling on footi fans to unite for a mass kick about at Glasto

Described as an ‘impromptu board-meet style kickabout’, the game is planned to take place at 5pm on Wednesday, 23rd June, in front of the Other Stage (space permitting).

Anyone is invited to play by simply turning up. The game’s organiser, known only by his message board name, Metatron, is asking players to bring an old white t-shirt to write board and teams names on.

He said: “This is for all those sweating at the thought of not being able to kick an inflated pigs bladder for the duration of Glasto. It will give people the chance to show your fellow boarders just how skillfully gifted or inept you really are.”

Glastonbury 2004
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