Foo Fighters storm the main stage at Oxegen

Foo Fighters at Oxegen 2011 by Laura Callan
Foo Fighters at Oxegen 2011 by Laura Callan

Possibly the most hotly anticipated act of the weekend, rock kings the Foo Fighters stormed onto the main stage to roaring cheers.

Dave Grohl ran the length of the stage taking in the massive crowds and set them wild as he launched into the first song of their two-hour set.

Tearing through hits they stopped only for Grohl to tell the swarm of eager fans “I missed Ireland” before adding, “welcome to the rock show.” Grohl acts as the ultimate rock band front-man, grinning and eager to play as many songs as possible for this crowd. “We’re gonna play until they tell us to stop” he says, “I’m not gonna talk we’re just gonna play”

The band played the best of their 17-year back catalogue of greatest hits and the crowd lapped it up, dancing, singing and jumping along to anthems old and new.

The Foos took a brief break from rocking the life out of Oxegen as Grohl introduced each of the band members responsible for the band’s success. “We’re one of those bands that play instruments, we don’t use any computers and shit… we’re rock and roll.”

The crowd were clearly entertained by the sheer musical talent of the band and there were huge cheers as Grohl and Chris Shiflett held a guitar play-off, with Shiflett spinning his guitar around his back in impeccable rock ‘n’ roll style.

Each song felt tailored to the live show, extended in parts with guitar solos, drum solos, breaks and sing-a-longs. This is a rock band at the absolute top of their game and this live show did nothing but reaffirm it.

The fact that Dave Grohl plays shows this size night after night is astounding. The man does not stop running, head banging and screaming throughout the set and his energy never falters as he tries to see every cheering fan in the crowd that he can get to, even running along the barrier.

A fantastic live performance, Foo Fighters may have just stolen the champions’ title this weekend.