Fire at Oxfam warehouse destroys festival stock

A fire that broke out at Oxfam's sorting warehouse on an industrial estate in Huddersfield, has destroyed machinery and a large amount of festival stock.

The charity said that this includes: “much of the vintage fashion sold at festivals and through pop-up shops.”
Nobody was injured in the fire, but the charity are asking people to donate any clothing they no longer need to their local Oxfam shop.

David McCullough, Oxfam’s director of trading, said: “It’s very sad, the loss of Wastesaver, which has been a feature of our operation since 1967 – one of which we’ve been very proud.

“We’ve lost a lot of stock including some online stock. We don’t yet know if that material had already been bought or made ready to go out.”
The charity have asked for donations of vintage items, winter clothing, fancy dress outfits, wellies, waterproofs, tents and sleeping bags to your local Oxfam shop.
They add that people can also help by knitting blankets or making bunting.