Festivals need YOU to get greener

The Great Green Ideas competition is giving festivals fans the chance to make events more environmentally friendly.

The green advice website www.agreenerfestival.com will be launching the competition at this weekend’s Bestival (7-9 September) on the Isle of Wight.

Entrants should email their ideas, in English, on how to make events greener and more eco-friendly to agreenerfestival@aol.com in no more than 100 words.  Suggestions can include anything from waste reduction to preventing pollution to recycling.

Glastonbury, America’s Bonnaroo and Peats Ridge Festival in Australia will also be running the initiative.  Agreenerfestival’s co-founder Ben Challis said about the project: “Some of the very best ideas that improve festivals come from fans and its time we ask people who go to events how they want to get greener.

“This year we have seen a huge increase in the number of tents abandoned at festivals and these, along with personal carbon footprints, are just two of the things we want fans to think about.”

As we revealed on Friday the site has also chosen eight festivals as winners of The Greener Festival Award 2007.  An overall winner of the prize will be announced at the UK Festival Awards in November.