Festivalgoers could face “the coldest May in 100 years”

Scenes at Glastonbury Festival 2011 by Peter Corkhill
Scenes at Glastonbury Festival 2011 by Peter Corkhill

Wintry weather is set to blight the start of festival season, as forecasters predict May will be the "coldest or near coldest for 100 years".

Independent forecaster WeatherAction warned that next month will be the “coldest or near coldest for 100 years” in Central and East Britain, with a “run of bitter northerly winds” and snow at times.

Thunderstorms could cause localised flooding, while there’s a risk of “giant hailstones” in the North and temperatures 10°C lower than average for the month in the East, which could mean a wet and cold start for the likes of Camden Crawl, Bearded Theory, The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City and Slam Dunk.

The Weather Outlook forecasts showers and temperatures of 6-9°C for Camden Crawl 2012 in Camden Town, London from 4-6 May.  
Metcheck however, predicts that after a cool start to the month, May will end dry and warm, with a “wet and windy” June giving way to the UK’s “traditional warm period” in July, before a “thundery” August gives way to more fine weather at the start of September.

WeatherOnline claims June should see “warm conditions for the first week to ten days of the month,” before becoming more unsettled, with “showers or longer spells of rain” continuing until the last week of July.

While it might look like we’re heading for a mixed summer at best, it’s worth remembering that no forecast can be 100% accurate for that far in advance.

But keep your chin up, without the rain how could we ever get our kicks doing this…