Festival murmurings for Guns N’ Roses!

At a recent showbiz bash in LA, reclusive rocker Axl Rose laid on some heavy hints that 2006 will see not only the release of the most anticipated album of all time, but also some festival shows from the latest incarnation of GNR.

The normally-limelight-shunning star hijacked the recent Hollywood press launch for Korn‘s upcoming tour and, unsurprisingly, proceeded to dominate the entire event, and the press that resulted from it, much to Korn’s dismay (we expect). Said press had one question for Rose (and it hadn’t changed for a decade) and the party fell silent in anticipation of a response, be it violent or articulate; always a random event with this fella. His answer was passive but curt:

“People will hear music this year”, he pledged, referring to Guns N’ Roses’ forthcoming (since 1996) album ‘Chinese Democracy’. The fact that he’d made the same pledge several times over the last ten years did not seem to dampen the feverish excitement that ensued. Nevertheless, at the time of writing, wheels are in motion for a 2006 release, containing 13 new tracks.

Whilst VF is not holding its breath, we are quite excited about Rose’s final teasing comment hinting at live dates, as Guns N’ Roses have been lingering on our rumour mill for weeks: “Every time there’s a big festival announced, we get rumoured to be on there. We’ll see what happens…”

If they do materialise in the UK this summer, it will be the first time since their one-off headline appearance at the Leeds Festival in 2002, which broke the festival’s curfew – by several hours – due to a late start!

But where would they play? If Leeds (and Reading) Festival organisers Mean Fiddler (who bore the brunt of the aforementioned curfew breach) would have them again, they would make an ideal third headliner at the Carling Weekend.

A natural alternative would be hard rock’s biggest festival, Download. Afterall, every other member of the classic GNR line-up performed there last year (Slash, Duff and Matt in Velvet Revolver and Gilby Clarke in DKT/ MC5), plus the original band are Donington legends (after playing at Monsters of Rock in 1988).

Then again, Rose has claimed that he wants to break new ground now, so a controversial (but innovative) choice would be V Festival. We hear they pay rather well, and he’s certainly got some hefty recording fees to pay off.

One thing’s for sure: Wherever Axl Rose goes, drama is always his plus one. Stay posted to VF for further updates as we hear them.