Festival line-ups wrapped up by December, say bosses

"Whether you're a big or small festival, headliners always the first thing you sort out," says Festival Republic's Neil Pengelly to the agreement of the rest of the Batlle Of The Bands panel.

The competition is stiff and in recent years this has meant a scrabble for the bands in advance. “We work on festivals 13 months before the festivals, most of the bills are put together before Christmas,” claims X-Ray Touring’s Jeff Craft.

But some concern was raised amongst the panel for the same bands playing the festival circuit resulting in identikit events. Gary Turner from MAMA added, “If you’re headline material then the exclusivity deal definitely pays.”

Craft who is currently organising the return of Pulp praised the benefits of reunion well executed. “If Pulp had continued they would be earning less now. A good reunion claws some of that back and the audience really looks forward to it.”

Craft announced that he being very careful about the festivals that Cocker and Co will be headlining next year. All things considered, we should they should appear on line-ups come the December announcements.