Festival bosses retell their favourite tales at Festival Conference

Scenes at The UK Festival Awards 2010 by Sara Bowrey
Scenes at The UK Festival Awards 2010 by Sara Bowrey

Last year's most popular panel, John Giddings (Isle Of Wight), John Probyn (Live Nation) and James Barton (Cream) reunited to tell tales of festivals from years gone by at the UK Festival Conference.

A packed room were treated to over an hour of anecdotes starting with the promoters’ own dubious past.

Stories such as John Giddings stealing a Hillman Imp to take to a festival then sold it on the way home. And Cream’s James Barton experiencing his first festival as a ticket tout.

But Barton was eventually on the other side relating a story of how a co-promoter waited until the sun came out before he broke the news that they’d overspent by £200,000.

Together with Probyn they retold Creamfields stories such as a group of rapscallions making a homemade bazooka with some guttering and a bunch of fireworks.

John Probyn went on to tell stories of how a tantrum by Axel Rose slipping over led to a how a full scale riot at Download whilst John Giddings told of run ins with “miserable fuckers” Morrissey, Ray Davies, Lou Reed, Van Morrison and Richard Ashcroft.